Evaluation Services for Institutions

Credential Evaluations

Working with Educational Perspectives is easy – there are several ways that we can assist you

There is no need to set up a contract or sign an agreement. If you would like your students to obtain an evaluation from Educational Perspectives you can direct them to our website where they will find all of the information they need to obtain a credential evaluation.

The application allows your students to begin the evaluation process from their laptop, PC, or mobile device.

Consider directing your students to Educational Perspectives by linking our website with your own. If your volume of international students is high, Educational Perspectives will create an institution-specific web page that will provide your applicants with the information they need to obtain an evaluation that is specific to your institution. If you would like to see how we have helped our client institutions satisfy their evaluation needs, please contact us.

Some schools have very specific evaluation needs or they prefer to cover the cost of the credential evaluation within their own budgets. Educational Perspectives will work with you to provide the type of evaluation you need, and we can help you set up a convenient method to pay for our services.

Institutional and Program Evaluations (IPE)

If your institution has plans to develop an articulation agreement with an international institution, Educational Perspectives can help you with a review of their programs. Our specialized institutional and program evaluations give you an idea of how well the programs of a prospective institution mesh with your own. Our IPE evaluations will help you assess the content of the non-US program, the program requirements, and other critical information regarding the institution such as their accreditation or recognition status.

If you would like more information about this service, please contact us.