Welcome Prospective Marquette University Graduate Student!

Educational Perspectives is a not-for-profit research organization dedicated to preparing evaluation reports that help non-US educated individuals have their education recognized for further education in the United States.

Marquette University Graduate School has developed a direct relationship with Educational Perspectives to prepare an evaluation of your non-US educational credentials. Our evaluation will be an important part of your application for admission to Marquette University. Please carefully review the information below so that you submit a complete evaluation application – this will help us get your evaluation report under way quickly.

Required Documentation

Educational Perspectives requires the following documentation:

  • A complete application for evaluation (below). Select a Course-by-Course Report on your application form.
  • Official educational credentials for all post-secondary study completed.
  • An official English translation of all non-English documents you submit.
Please request a Course-by-Course evaluation ($175). The fee of $175 includes an electronic report to you and a report copy to Marquette University Graduate School.

Review the documents required to prepare your report.

Submit a completed application and pay for your evaluation.



For any questions please email us at: info@edperspective.org or call 312-421-9300.