Welcome Prospective Campbellsville University Student!

Educational Perspectives (EP) is a not-for-profit research organization dedicated to preparing evaluation reports that help non-US educated individuals have their education recognized for further education in the United States. Campbellsville University (CU) has a direct relationship with EP to prepare a Course-by-Course evaluation report in approximately 5 working days upon receipt of all required materials.


REPORT COPIES WITH APPLICATION (each)                   $35

Review the documents required to prepare your report.

You are required to submit official academic records for all education to be evaluated. Provide an official English translation of all non-English documents you submit. If you would like assistance with obtaining a translation of your documents through EP get a quote here.

Submit a completed application and pay for your evaluation.



For any questions please email us at: info@edperspective.org or call 312-421-9300.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you accept scans of my documents?

In most cases, no. Please click the dropdown menu above to review document requirements for your country or territory of education.

Do I need to submit original documents?

In most cases, your official academic records will be sent directly from the institution(s) you attended. If original documents are needed, we will return them to you by a secure courier delivery, if you request this service from us. If you have questions about document return please contact us on info@edperspective.org. Our staff will apprise you of your return delivery options.

What is an Original, Official Document?

Official credentials are issued in the original language directly by your college or university. Copies must bear the official stamp and/or seal of the institution, as well as the signature of the appropriate official, such as the Dean, Rector, Registrar, Controller of Examinations, or Academic Secretary.

How long will this process take?

In most cases, your document review will be completed in approximately 5 working days, but this depends largely on whether your schools send your documents quickly. To prevent any delay in the processing of your application for university you should make arrangements to have your documents sent to us immediately.

How can I order a report copy to send to another institution?

You are welcome to order a report copy to be sent to another recipient. Report copies are $35 each at the time you submit your application, and $45 after you submit your application, which may be ordered here edperspective.org/report-copies.php