Welcome Jefferson State Community College Student!

Educational Perspectives is a not-for-profit research organization dedicated to preparing evaluation reports that help non-US educated individuals have their education recognized for further education in the United States.

Jefferson State Community College (JSCC) has developed a direct relationship with Educational Perspectives to prepare a written evaluation of your non-US educational credentials. Our evaluation will be an important part of your application for admission to JSCC. Please review the information below carefully so that you submit a completion evaluation application – this will help us get your evaluation report under way quickly!

Required Documentation

Educational Perspectives requires the following documentation:

  • A completed and signed 'Application for Evaluation for Educational Credentials'.
  • Official educational credentials for all study completed beginning with the final year of secondary school. Note: Educational Perspectives evaluates only formal educational credentials and programs.
  • An official English translation of all non-English documents you submit.

Please see our country-specific documentation requirements in the pull-down menu below.

Please see our Frequently-Asked-Questions below to determine the type of evaluation you need.


  • Credit card payment is required.
  • Completed application will automatically be sent.



  • Complete, print, and sign your application.
  • Mail your application with payment to the address below.

Your application and/or documents can be sent to us by regular mail, courier, fax, or email scan, as appropriate.

US Mail Delivery
Educational Perspectives, nfp
PO Box A3462
Chicago, IL 60690-3462

312-421-9353 fax

Courier Delivery
Educational Perspectives, nfp
55 E. Jackson Blvd.
Suite 2175
Chicago, IL 60604

Once we receive all of the documentation needed to prepare your evaluation (application, official academic records, payment, etc.) your report will be completed in 5 business days. Please note that there are periods when completion time can vary based on our application volume. If you need the evaluation report more urgently, a General report can be prepared with 3 Business Day or 24 Hour (1 Business Day) Rush service for an additional fee. Rush services are unavailable for Catalog Match Reports. However, we urge you to begin the evaluation process early so that all of your deadlines can be easily met.

Questions? Contact us at: info@edperspective.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of evaluation should I request?

If you have completed postsecondary education (college, university, etc.) you should request a Catalog Match evaluation. You may be able to receive transfer credit for your non-US study.

If you have completed secondary-level education only (high school, senior secondary school, etc.) you should request a General evaluation.

If you have completed postsecondary education (college, university, etc.) and you would like an evaluation that you can use for employment, licensure in a profession, or for admission to other schools, you should request a Catalog Match evaluation and a Course-by-Course report.

How can I pay for my evaluation?

Educational Perspectives accepts payment in the form of money orders, certified bank checks, personal checks, and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX). Please note that once we begin processing your application and documents, no refund will be given if you cancel your request.

Can I request report copies of my General or Course-by-Course report?

Yes, you may request report copies. The fee for report copies is $35 each. Fees are subject to change.

How do I contact Educational Perspectives?

You can contact us by email: info@edperspective.org

You can contact us by phone: 312-421-9300

We are happy to answer any questions you have or assist you in the evaluation process.