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About Us

Educational Perspectives (EP) is a not-for-profit international education research organization. We are dedicated to assisting individuals to have their international education recognized regardless of where they would like to study, work, or reside. EP supports the global mobility of students and recognizes the important role they play in society. Our mission extends to institutions and organizations that wish to enroll international students, license someone who has completed their education in another country, or offer them employment.

What We Do

The institution to which you are applying has asked Educational Perspectives to assist in the submission of your ApplyWeb application and to collect, review, and certify your official academic records. Official academic records form an important part of your ApplyWeb application for university in the United States. Your records will be reviewed in conjunction with your application for admission.

Service Options

As you complete your ApplyWeb application you will be given the option to choose one of two recommended services.

Credential Certification:
EP will receive, collect, review, and certify your official academic records for this service. A ‘Statement of Verification Results’ report is prepared which will accompany your official records when they are attached to your ApplyWeb application.

US-only Credential Certification fee: $56
International Credential Certification fee: $165

Credential Evaluation:
EP will receive, collect, certify, and evaluate your official academic records in terms of their equivalence to study completed at US educational institutions. A credential evaluation report is an important tool that assists your prospective college or university in the admission process. Credential evaluations provide information about the recognition status of the schools you attended, list all of the courses you have completed, the degrees you received, and provide a US-equivalent grade point average (GPA) for your previous studies. You may be directed to choose the credential evaluation service as part of your ApplyWeb application.

Credential Evaluation fee: $205

Certification and Evaluation Updates:
If the studies at your home institution are incomplete when you submit your ApplyWeb application, you may be given the opportunity to update a previous certification or evaluation report when your studies are completed. An updated report will provide final degree award information and other important information about your completed studies.

International Certification or Evaluation Update fee: $65
Domestic Certification Update Fee: $25

How We Help

As part of your application, you will need to submit original-source, official records. Please review the ‘Select Country of Education’ menu below and follow the instructions for your country. Once we receive your documents, our work begins and your application for admission will be completed!

If you are having difficulty obtaining the documents needed for your Certification or Evaluation service request, please contact us at CNET@edperspective.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you accept scans of my documents?
Unfortunately no – scans of your transcripts and degree certificates cannot be used as part of your official academic review.

Do I need to submit original documents?
In most cases, your official academic records will be sent directly from the institution(s) you attended. If original documents are needed, we will return them to you by a secure courier delivery, if you request this service from us. If you have questions about document return please contact us on CNET@edperspective.org. Our staff will apprise you of your return delivery options.

What is an Original, Official Document?
Official credentials are issued in the original language directly by your college or university. Copies must bear the official stamp and/or seal of the institution, as well as the signature of the appropriate official, such as the Dean, Rector, Registrar, Controller of Examinations, or Academic Secretary.

How long will this process take?
In most cases, your document review will be completed in a few days, but this depends largely on whether your schools send your documents quickly. To prevent any delay in the processing of your application for university you should make arrangements to have your documents sent to us immediately.

Delivery Addresses

US Mail Delivery
Educational Perspectives, nfp
PO Box A3462
Chicago IL 60690-3462

Courier Delivery
Educational Perspectives, nfp
55 E. Jackson Blvd, Suite 2175
Chicago, IL 60604

Questions? Contact us at: CNET@edperspective.org or call 312-824-6197.
NOTE: Please use your ApplyWeb application number in all correspondence with our office.